Expert solutions for all your property development needs

A pioneer in the field, CurationTech India is an all-inclusive solution for a consolidation of services in turnkey contracting, property and infrastructure. Conceptualized in 2011, with a steady growth, the company’s core team works seamlessly to deliver quality design, building and build-to-suit facilities. CurationTech creates spaces that aren’t limited to a specific industry.


At CurationTech, we’re proud of our ability to provide an array of services to cater to all real estate, property development, construction, and infrastructure related needs. Our services include:

  1. Land Acquisition: As part of our land acquisition service, we provide end-to-end support to facilitate the successful purchase or lease of the most suitable land customised to our client’s needs. This includes but is not limited to-
    • Land surveying, land location search, and creating land bank reports.
    • Legal vetting and title search certificate of desired land.
    • Identification, consolidation, valuation, and financial rate negotiation.
    • Providing transaction options (lease/outright sale/ collaboration), preparing MOU, Sale Agreement, Change Land Use Documents etc.
    • Documentation, legal diligence, and registry of land.

  2. Architectural and Design Services: Our team of experienced architects and skilled designers help clients with-
    • Development of design inception.
    • Development of design concept and viability.
    • Final design development after approval from statutory authorities and clients.
    • Design documentation of technical consultation reports and final design budget.
    • Design approvals from local authorities and client sign off.
    • Monitoring construction phase with design elements and submitting final close out report.

  3. Enterprise Project Management: This comprehensive service entails complete support and management through every single stage of the project cycle-
    • Project Initiation: Project scoping, feasibility and design concept studies, and cost estimations.
    • Project Planning: Budgeting, risk assessment, design development, bid management, quality planning and control, and creation of execution schedule.
    • Project Execution: Supervision, project monitoring, quality checks, budget and cost control, schedule management, risk documentation, weekly meetings, and communication.
    • Project Closing: Preparation of final snag list, adjustments, project photography and work measurement, documentation of lesson learned, and final close out report.

  4. Civil Engineering and Construction: Customised to address client needs, our construction service entails feasibility studies, master planning, design, and construction supervision of-
    • Factories, data centres, warehouses, malls.
    • Commercial and residential buildings.
    • Our civil engineering services include the design and construction supervision of general structural engineering services including masonry, steel, concrete, and timber.
    • Building services, process plants and general infrastructure.

  5. MEP Engineering: Our MEP engineering service includes but is not limited to-
    • Mechanical Works: Planning, design, development and execution of HVAC, fire protection plan, 24x7 smoke detectors, gas, flooding, etc. CCTV installation, access control &BMS systems.
    • Electrical Works: Design, development and execution of HT and LT panels, transformers, lighting systems (internal and external) and back-up power setup.
    • Plumbing: Design, development and execution of sanitary works, sewerage & rainwater lines, building drainages, gas lines, vacuum lines, water harvesting & water recycling systems.